Flowers For Business


Flowers are an important tool in business. They send out a clear signal of what type of company you are and where you want to be! Minimal, bold, structured or understated simplicity - flowers can be subtle endorsements of your corporate message. Not only do they reinforce your brand identity and create a feeling of well-being in the work-place, but also a beautiful environment in which to do business. 

Flowers with their fragrance and colour lift every setting. A simple unrestrained display of blooms can evoke a sense of calm, create a mood of indulgence and somehow seem to enhance the quality of our everyday life.

 J A N E  P A C K E R New York enjoys the creativity and relishes the challenge of providing flowers in a corporate setting. We understand that designing for business is always a collaboration and we work hard to understand the specific requirements and needs for each enterprise. We provide stunning flowers on a weekly basis for shops, hotels, offices and restaurants and also one-off commissions, large and small, in and around Manhattan. Our business to business team of dedicated florists have the creativity and experience to translate your ideas into a scheme of beautifully designed flowers to enhance your workplace.  -  Open a business account today.

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